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Data Privacy Law

Data Privacy Law

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MLG helps you safeguard your data and protect your assets.

In the 21st century, information is one of your greatest assets. Maier Law Group helps you protect that asset by understanding your particular data security vulnerabilities and patching them. We do it all in plain language, making data privacy and security understandable and easy to implement.  

Why is privacy important?

For many companies, data privacy and security can seem like a daunting area of the law and an unnecessary nuisance. But protecting your company’s information is the key to optimizing your workplace and avoiding privacy litigation. In addition, with the advent of laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy compliance has become key to most companies’ survival.   Without it, companies may expose trade secrets and other information that gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace or leave themselves open to privacy violation lawsuits and enforcement actions. In contrast, when companies enhance data security, they shore up key assets and increase employee and client trust, resulting in a more effective, productive, and lucrative company.

How we help

Maier Law Group (MLG) knows privacy, and we know how to make privacy rules and regulations accessible to you and your employees. We’ll provide your staff with trainings that greatly enhance data security through increasing awareness of the company’s security policies, discussing security best practices, and giving real life examples of what happens when companies fail to take data security seriously. Our trainings include engaging videos of data security gone awry, and more serious but compelling real life stories that explain why data privacy and security go hand in hand. We are happy to share with you the outstanding reviews our trainings have received.

MLG will also enhance your data security through practices such as auditing your data flows, creating necessary structures for importing data from other countries, and drafting relevant privacy policies that truly protect your information.  We are also able to serve as your company’s outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO), a new requirement imposed on many companies by the GDPR.

In worst case scenarios, we will defend you in enforcement actions or privacy lawsuits.