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Promoting Joyful Lawyering



MLG was founded on the visions of very happy lawyers doing their best work and being their best selves: compassionate, full of integrity, and joyful.  Our attorneys believe that all lawyers can find meaningful, sustainable work when they are willing to search for it through achieving personal growth, finding the right job fit, or some combination of the two.  Joy in the Law aspires to bring together attorneys interested in exploring happy lawyering both within and without.  Our goal is to increase the joy of lawyers who are already happy, and to begin the journey towards sustained happiness of lawyers who are not. We believe that all lawyers can find work that makes them happy most of the time, if not every minute, and a professional life that squares with their values and priorities, whether that’s making millions or having a modest salary but lots more time with their families and friends.



What started initially as a female attorney networking group in Marin eventually became our inaugural Joy in the Law Women's Group in Marin. We also have a Joy in the Law Women's group in San Francisco. Both groups meet once a month and are a supportive gathering of women with a shared interest in finding greater joy and fulfillment in our law practices and personal lives.

In furtherance of her personal passion for community building, Diana started holding lunches around the Bay Area for women attorneys in similar careers, such as in-house counsel in similar geographic areas and with similar experience or female employment attorneys at corporate law firms.  Diana believes that women attorneys empower themselves, advance their careers, and find more joy in the law by enhancing personal connections with other lawyering women. See this blog post about Closer Connections.

If you are interested in participating in one of our groups, please click here.



On September 28, 2018, we wrapped up another successful Joy in the Law conference.  There was immense power in the room where over 100 lawyers gathered to discuss how to make their law practice a more joyful, ethical, enriching experience.  It was pure inspiration to see so many attorneys riveted by speakers like James Baraz, Judi Cohen, and Steve Rosenberg discussing social-emotional instead of legally substantive topics, and to witness the audience in meditation or experiencing deeply personal moments as they listened to a panel discussion or engaged in dyads to discuss areas of personal challenge. Many have called our conferences “life-changing” for them. For more details, see Diana's blog post here.