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Giving Employers Peace of Mind

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MLG focuses on only two areas of the law — employment and data privacy — and is thus able to provide greater expertise and a higher level of service than law firms without this laser focus. We offer the ideal combination of “big firm” quality at boutique firm prices. MLG specializes in preventative employment law and creating cultures where employers and employees not only peacefully coexist, but truly enjoy and appreciate one another.

Our services include workplace investigations (in Spanish and English), advice and counsel, alternative dispute resolution assistance, and training, education, and policies relating to employment and privacy. We also offer litigation defense in any area of employment law. Attorneys with MLG serve as outsourced in-house counsel for many companies that need employment or privacy law services but do not need a full-time or permanent person in that role.

In short, we protect and strengthen an employer's two most vital assets: employees and information. 

On top of that, MLG provides top-notch legal advice, efficient billing (both on a fixed-fee or hourly fee basis), and superlative client service — everything you need for peace of mind.



employment law services

The attorneys at Maier Law Group provide top-notch employment law services for employers in the areas of litigation defense and advice and counsel work, including drafting policies and handbooks as well as conducting training on sexual harassment prevention and diversity. 


data privacy services

In the 21st century, information is one of your greatest assets.  Maier Law Group helps you protect that asset by understanding your particular data security vulnerabilities and patching them. We do it all in plain language, making data privacy and security understandable and easy to implement.  


workplace investigations

Maier Law Group offers something unique in the workplace investigations realm. We know who to talk to and what to ask so that you are not only protected legally, but also are given an understanding of latent issues before they become full-scale conflicts. We perform investigations in Spanish and English.