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Suji Rajagopal2

Suji Rajagopal

To work at MLG is to be empowered to be your best self. Everyone is so kind, genuine, wicked smart. I feel very grateful to be a part of such an amazing team.


Suji Rajagopal

Suji is a professional writer and designer who adores organizing and creating new systems. Before joining MLG, she worked for many years in the advertising and health industries and took a decade off to homeschool her teen who is now in University of California, Berkeley. Suji graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with a B.A. Honors in English Language and Literature and as a lifelong learner, is pursuing passion-led certifications through University of California, San Diego's Extension program.

As office manager, Suji handles administrative tasks, updates the website, edits and proofreads, manages attorney projects and calendars, and performs paralegal work.

In her free time, Suji enjoys creating websites, reading mind-blowing books, and guiding other homeschooling parents.



B.A. Honors, English Language & Literature, 1997