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HIPAA compliance

The Maier Law Group serves life science, high-tech, and emerging companies in the San Francisco Bay Area who need employment and data privacy legal services. 

By focusing on only two areas of the law — employment and data privacy — we are able to provide greater expertise and a higher level of service than law firms without this laser focus. 

Our mission is to help our clients build the optimal workplace by reducing employee conflicts, regulatory problems, and lawsuits, as well as by securing employee and client data. 

Clients appreciate that we look beyond the law to see how good policies and practices can positively create a great company culture that will attract top talent and better customers. 


Upcoming Events

May 10, 2017:  Protecting your Life Sciences Company from the Top 5 Data Privacy and Security Threats; Click here to learn more!


  • Learn the unique risks weak data security practices pose to life sciences companies
  • Fill out an assessment tool to find your company's data vulnerabilities
  • Learn an effective solution for mitigating data breach and enforcement action risks
  • Increase your expertise on key areas of data security and privacy
  • Find out which new developments in the law and its enforcement could impact your organization