Maier Law Group

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

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10 reasons why we are different:

  1. We Have a Clear Mission that informs everything we do. Maier Law Group (MLG) is out to change the world one happy employee at a time. True to our founding vision, MLG helps its clients create compassionate and effective workplace cultures where employees and businesses thrive.

  2. We Challenge you to define your mission, too, and to make sure it’s reflected in everything you create relating to employees and data. 

  3. We are Passionate about our work and clients.

  4. We Possess Deep Know-How.  We have a thorough understanding of the unique issues facing today’s high-tech, healthcare, life science, and emerging companies.

  5. We Are an All-Women Firm. In this day and age, retaining an all-women firm can be a great competitive advantage, particularly when those women provide the highest caliber work, like the attorneys at MLG.

  6. We Advocate No Surprise Billing Practices. We have a billing philosophy we call “no surprise billing.” We spend our clients’ money like it is our own. We offer flexible and creative billing plans.  MLG is one of the only Bay Area employment firms to offer subscription based and flat-fee billing options.

  7. We Focus on the Results That Matter to You. All clients want results, but exactly what they want differs based on their needs, priorities, and values. At the onset of any engagement, we ensure we know what the client wants, and we deliver those exact results to the best of our ability.

  8. We Deliver Highest Quality Legal Work. Our attorneys have come from the best firms and the best schools, and have long track records of delivering high quality legal work and top-notch customer service.

  9. We Care About You and deliver outstanding client service. We develop deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we are committed to responding promptly to our clients’ needs and communications.

  10. We Appreciate Our Clients. They Appreciate Us. Ultimately, the fact that our clients stay with us for years and tell us how helpful we have been is the best validation of our approach to lawyering. Just ask if you’d like to speak with any of our clients about what we’ve done for them and how they feel about us.