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Workplace Audits

Workplace Audits

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Comprehensive workplace assessments to optimize employee satisfaction.


Most modern-day businesses are so busy triaging day-to-day issues that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find the time to sit down and do a full audit of their company’s employment practices. This is often not problematic until a company begins to expand rapidly, hires an executive who engages in conduct that alienates employees, or suddenly faces a complaint or potential lawsuit based on one of its practices that has never been thoroughly inspected.  Any of these things, and many others, can bring the company to crisis. Suddenly its practices may be scrutinized in a court of law, an administrative agency audit, or simply by a workplace investigator who discovers problematic patterns in how business is conducted. 

How We Help

To prevent these scenarios, Maier Law Group (MLG) offers a workplace audit to assess whether your workplace practices reflect and promote your company’s culture and raison d’etre.  So many organizations espouse cultures of community, inclusion, and fairness, but their workplace practices alienate employees by speaking far more loudly than the company’s mission statement. 

MLG offers a full workplace audit, available on a flat-fee or hourly basis, to provide a soup-to-nuts assessment of your employment practices. We will address basic compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws, as well as best practices in your industry and for employers generally.

As with everything we do at MLG, we partner with you for the success of your organization and your people. Our audits are a priceless tool in creating a roadmap to that success.  They don’t just eliminate risk, the goal that most lawyers focus on, but instead they also address the more vital question of how a company can be its best, most successful, self.