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Conflict Resolution

Workplace Conflict Resolution

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Increase harmony in the workplace.

Oftentimes, two or more employees find themselves at an impasse where their conflict seems unresolvable and their working relationship has seemingly deteriorated beyond repair.  The entire workplace culture can be compromised when this occurs. Employees may be asked to, or instinctively feel they must, side with one employee over another, generating drama and unease in the workplace.  At times, even conducting an investigation, so vital for workplace productivity and legal compliance, can generate or exacerbate conflict between parties.

Even when a workplace investigation is not the cause of a conflict, the investigation sometimes pinpoints particular individuals that are negatively impacting company culture. Such individuals are often those with a conflict-generating communication or management style. Frequently, these employees simply do not realize the impact they have on others in the workplace. In such cases, one-on-one coaching can positively impact the person’s ability to see the effects of her conduct and begin to find less divisive ways of achieving her goals.



Regardless of the cause or nature of conflict, professional workplace conflict resolution, in the form of mediation, one-on-one coaching, one-on-one sensitivity training, or some combination of the three, may provide the parties in conflict with a paradigm shift that eases impasse.  

MLG provides both coaching and counseling services based on a flat-fee or hourly model.  This service can also be built into MLG’s subscription-based plan with a client, if needed.