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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

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Mediation via the The Understanding-Based Approach.

Diana Maier and her Maier Law Group (MLG) team offer both “traditional” formal mediation, and informal workplace conflict mediation services.

Diana was trained in, and subscribes to, the Understanding-Based approach to conflict resolution. With this approach, the mediator works directly with the parties in conflict to support their finding resolution.  The mediator facilitates communication that allows the parties, even those that are deeply distrustful of one another at the start, to make knowing and informed choices together to resolve impasse. The Understanding-Based approach encourages deep respect of the parties in conflict, and also generates and models how the parties can come to respect themselves and each other.  

The Understanding-Based approach to mediation is not a caucus model of mediation: it requires that both parties to a conflict sit in the room with the mediator throughout the entire process, and the mediator is a facilitator rather than the ultimate authority in the room. Therefore, this approach to mediation may not feel like the right fit for parties that want a traditional mediation that is based mainly on negotiating numbers and that entrusts the mediator to push the parties toward a resolution.

However, the mediation model that MLG uses is immensely helpful in allowing parties to identify their underlying interests (e.g., financial security; acknowledgment of professional contributions; preservation of reputation) and strategize on the variety of ways such interests can be served. In the process, the mediation can increase the size of the proverbial pie. Both parties can leave a mediation feeling that all of their fundamental interests were met without detracting from the opposing parties’  interests. In the best case, such mediations also help the parties emotionally heal by allowing them to feel seen and heard by the mediator and other party -- something that traditional mediation rarely offers.

MLG is available to provide mediation services in any area of the law, at either a flat rate or hourly fee.