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Our Vision

Our Vision

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The Maier Law Group (MLG) was founded on the groundbreaking vision of joyful attorneys passionately engaged in their work.

Before developing Maier Law Group, founder Diana Maier contemplated creating a firm that was compassionate and caring: modeling the culture that Diana tried to impart to clients in her advice work. Diana considered what was missing in the legal community, particularly for women, that left attorneys feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. She decided that too many talented women attorneys did not have the flexibility they needed or wanted, and did not feel adequately appreciated or supported by their firms. They were also not working a way that aligned with their values.  

Diana hired carefully in creating MLG, choosing attorneys at the top of their game but willing to exchange a big-firm salary for autonomy, flexibility, and an affirming workplace culture and team. In this way, MLG has built a small team of women attorneys who are excellent lawyers, love what they do, and are completely committed to one another and their clients. While no workplace is perfect, Diana’s team will tell you that “Mama D” takes good care of them, as she understands that her employees are her most valuable asset. She tries to impart this teaching to her employer clients as well. For more about our raison d'être, see

Clients appreciate that MLG looks beyond the law to see how effective policies and practices can create a great company culture that will attract top talent and customers.  Businesses who work with us understand that MLG is out to change the world for the better one happy employee at a time, and our clients want to change the world, too.