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New Client FAQs

New Client FAQs

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A warm welcome to Maier Law Group (MLG)!

We are so glad that you have decided to look to us for your employment law needs. You might have already read about our working style in our client intake form. On this page, we answer some of our new clients’ most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to tour our website and contact us if you have more questions!

Who Will Work on My Matter?

We will assign at least one attorney to the matter and make this clear to you at the outset. Please visit our MLG Team page to access that attorney’s bio and contact details. If you are unable to reach the attorney, please email or call our general line at 415-737-5317 and someone will email or call you back, usually within a day.

You may always feel free to contact any attorney at MLG.  We are all happy to help in any way we can.  Also, when your main contact at MLG is out of the office, she will list another attorney in her out-of-office email response. That attorney will be happy to handle your matter in your main contact’s absence. 

How Do I Set Up Meetings?

Email your attorney to set up a call or in-person meeting. Please be sure to copy so that we can send a calendar invitation for the meeting. If a conference call is needed, please copy other callers in the email so that we can send calendar invitations with call-in details to all parties who will attend the call.

How Will I Receive/SEND DOCUMENTS?

Confidential and/or sensitive documents that we draft for you will be sent via encrypted email and will require you to log in to our client portal. We will send you an email to inform you when privileged and confidential materials are sent via this client portal.  You can request the link to you client portal at any time to send us documents securely.  In addition, we can give you temporary access to your documents stored in a Box account when needed. You will not need to log in to Box to access these documents.


The client agreement that you recently signed electronically clearly spells out each attorney’s hourly rate. You would have received a copy of this agreement upon signing it. There is a range of rates depending on type of matter and years of experience of the attorney working on your matter. 

When and How Do I Pay for Services?

  1. Initial retainer: We will email you an online credit card payment link, and alternatively, details to pay by check.

  2. Monthly accruals: We will bill all of the current month’s accruals on the first week of the following month, to be paid in full within 30 days. We will apply any retainer in your account to this bill and only charge the balance. We send our invoices through an automated billing software. To streamline this process, please send us your Account Payable personnel’s full name and email address, along with any specific instructions on billing. Please let us know if you would like us to remove/anonymize witness names in these invoices.

    • Prefer PDF invoices via email? Kindly indicate, if so.

    • Do you use your own billing application? Please let us know the necessary details, such as portal link, log-in credentials, and matter name/number in order for us to upload our invoices to the portal that you use.

  3. Workplace investigations accruals: Due to their time-intensive nature, we issue workplace investigations invoices twice a month — once in the first week and again in the third week of the following month, to be paid in full within 30 days. Please let us know if you would like us to remove/anonymize witness names in these invoices.

  4. Litigation accruals: For litigation matters, we hold a retainer in trust, and will only apply this retainer to the final bill.

  5. How to pay: We will include an online credit card payment link in each invoice sent via our billing software, and alternatively, details to pay by check.

How Do I Leave a Review?

We always appreciate a kind word and definitely want to hear if you have any concerns or feedback of any kind.  Please use this quick feedback form for your input. If you prefer, please feel free to email for any feedback.

To thank you for your time in providing us valuable feedback, we will apply a $100 discount to your upcoming invoice.

We know that you have many choices for your employment law needs and are thankful that you are partnering with MLG. We look forward to working with you for many years to come. Before you leave this page, don’t forget to subscribe below to our low-volume newsletter. You might also enjoy some of the following pages for our raison’ d’etre, services, attorney and staff bios, and helpful employment law topics and resources: