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Executive Coaching

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when COACHING IS needed

At times a company identifies, through an investigation* or otherwise, that particular employees are negatively impacting company culture. This may stem from comments the individual makes that are perceived as insensitive (and, in extreme cases, overtly racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted). Sometimes such individuals simply have a conflict-generating communication and/or management style. They may lack the skills to ask for what they want in a more positive or motivating way. Whatever the case, oftentimes these employees just do not realize the impact they have on others in the workplace.  In such cases, one-on-one coaching may improve that person’s ability to see the effects of his conduct and allows him to begin to find less divisive ways of achieving his goals.

Likewise, an individualized sensitivity training can provide a forum wherein an individual receives feedback on how co-employees are affected by her conduct. A thorough sensitivity training will also review the basics of both legally compliant professional conduct and best practices, so an individual can move beyond simple risk-avoidance and into creating her ideal workplace presence.

Sensitivity trainings are often one session of a few hours, and ideally occur face-to-face (for employees located outside of the Bay Area, Diana travels to clients or uses video conferencing). Coaching often occurs on a more ongoing basis, and tracks an employee’s progress over a period of time, such as two to six months. Both services are provided at either a flat rate or hourly fee.

* MLG generally will not provide sensitivity training  or coaching as the result of an investigation it conducts, as this may obscure the investigator’s role as a simple fact-gatherer and reporter, and potentially compromise the investigator’s independence and neutrality. In such cases, MLG will refer our clients to the  many talented coaching/conflict resolution service providers we know.