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Cyber Security Law Training2

Cyber Security Law Training

Any way you slice it, data security training is a key investment in the future of your company.  A recent survey of general counsels at Fortune 500 companies found that data security is the number one issue keeping them up at night.  

Our data security training will greatly improve the cybersecurity law and data security know-how of your employees.  In addition, the training is tailored to focus on your company's policies -- like the all-important Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy--so that employees understand privacy in the context of your company's culture and priorities.  In addition, completing our training is a great way to satisfy data security and HIPAA compliance standards.

Past participants have this said to say about our data security training: 

EXCELLENT presentation.
The presenters were articulate, relaxed, knowledgeable.
The presenters were very engaging and fun to listen to.

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