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Discerning Contractors v. Employees Training2

Discerning Contractors v. Employees Training

While classifying someone as a contractor is seemingly cheaper and easier than dealing with payroll taxes and workers' compensation insurance, state and federal government penalties are huge if you get it wrong. Enforcement actions are soaring both in California and nation-wide. Many small or budding businesses (including law firms) are ruined over misclassification mistakes. 

The contractor v. employee training will help businesses avoid classification mistakes and understand the critical differences between employees and contractors. In addition, the training covers how entities’ classification mistakes are uncovered, the resultant penalties, and when businesses are most at risk for a classification audit.  In addition, this training can be customized for attorneys and delivered with an ethics credit.  Employment lawyers will find this training particularly valuable.

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Here’s what some of our participants have said about this training:

Very informative!
Thank you for an excellent training!
This training was incredibly helpful in helping me understand this issue in simple terms.  Thank you.

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