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The Preventive Pyramid represents our philosophy and approach to employment law. We know from experience that clients who care about their employees and reflect that in everything they do naturally experience less workplace conflict and achieve the results they want when it comes to employee productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty.  To this end, MLG helps employers demonstrate commitment to their employees by creating compassionate policies, effective training, and a joyful workplace culture. MLG models this approach internally and shares its experience and expertise with employers wishing to do the same.

However, at times workplace issues still inevitably arise for clients, and MLG keeps things from escalating by providing sage advice and counsel at the outset.

In the event that an employee or client situation escalates to potential litigation, we attempt to resolve the issue using alternative resolution.  Diana Maier, the firm’s founder, started her law practice by representing employees for many years before she chose to exclusively represent employers. With this background as a plaintiff’s attorney, , she has more credibility with employee-side attorneys in resolving disputes than most defense-side attorneys who have never practiced as an advocate for employees.

If litigation becomes necessary, MLG has the experience and track record to defend you.  All of our attorneys have experience with litigation and are not shy about zealously advocating for our clients when other avenues of resolution have failed.



List of Services

Investigations:  Workplace investigations are an efficient means of resolving conflict and improving the overall workplace environment, thus increasing workplace productivity. Optimally used, investigations allow employers to obtain a snapshot of how employees feel about their workplace and can provide a candid assessment of what needs to change in an organization.  In this way, investigations are “pre-pyramid,” in that they allow employers to proactively respond to employee concerns by formulating new policies or making changes in a company’s culture.

Training, Education & Policies: The foundation of the Preventive Pyramid includes an effective, ongoing educational program to train employees on issues ranging from sexual harassment prevention to diversity training and privacy best practices. Combined with compassionate and effective policies and practices, we help you attract and retain top employees. Workplace Investigations also fit into this piece of the pyramid, educating you about employees’ points-of-view and thus rooting out potential future conflicts and problems.

Advice & Counsel: As experienced counselors, we advise you in all areas of labor and employment law and privacy law, with particular emphasis on prevention, minimizing legal risk, and creating an efficient and joyful workplace. We know how to quickly and efficiently identify  the heart of an issue and advise you with your overall objectives in mind. We don’t believe in simply giving you the most conservative advice possible to “cover” ourselves. Instead, we lay out various sustainable options given your tolerance for risk and your corporate compliance culture.  We will always urge you to consider the impact that an action will have on the greater employee population and the workplace culture as a whole. Vital decisions on handling employee issues should be made with a macro perspective in mind, and with the understanding that each decision sends a message about who the employer is.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: We bring the necessary skill and passion to efficiently and effectively argue your position and resolve your dispute in a cost-efficient manner.

Litigation: Our priority is to keep you out of litigation when appropriate, using prudent planning, effective policies, and alternative dispute resolution. When these measures fail, or when a client decides that an early resolution is not feasible or optimal,, we step up to vigorously defend your rights. We have an enviable record of securing victories for our clients. We are licensed in the Superior and District Courts of California, as well as all federal courts holding jurisdiction in California, and have extensive experience appearing before the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (the DLSE or “Labor Commissioner”), the Employment Development Department (EDD), and other employment-related regulatory agencies.