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HIPAA Compliance Training2

HIPAA Compliance Training

Both the Health Information and Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule require that employees be trained in handling protected health information (PHI).  In addition, other important HIPAA privacy topics include identifying PHI, rules about disclosure of PHI, the minimum necessary rule, and the need to keep an accounting of disclosures.  Overall, a strong HIPAA training should form a critical part of all companies’ cybersecurity compliance program.

Our HIPAA compliance training will engage your employees, keeping them interested in what some might consider a very dry topic through funny videos and engaging examples.  The HIPAA training can be structured for delivery to only those employees handling PHI, or for the entire workforce, depending on your needs and current HIPAA compliance requirements. 

Past participants have this to say about our HIPAA training:

Diana, thank you again for the training!  All the participants said it was hugely valuable and gave them things to think about.
The training was great!
Fantastic training.  Thank you!

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