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Maier Law Group (MLG) was founded upon the radical idea that the workplace could be the means for effective social and personal change one happy employee at a time.  In fact, when employees are happy and feel at home in their environment, they lead the way to creating an entity that is vibrant, innovative, and successful beyond measure.

True to our founding vision, MLG helps its clients create compassionate and effective workplace cultures where employees and businesses thrive.  MLG urges companies to move beyond compliance and instead focus on implementing policies and procedures that reflect its mission and core values.  MLG believes a company's “why” should be reflected in everything it does and says.  In this way, an employer naturally attracts and retains employees who embody its values, effortlessly execute the company's vision, and reflect a culture the company and its employees are proud of.  When this occurs, workplaces are necessarily devoid of unnecessary conflict and lawsuits.  Beyond this, such a workplace allows employees to become the driving force in the business’ success, creating something even greater than the founders could have imagined.

At MLG, we practice preventative employment law in the best sense of the phrase: partnering with our clients to eliminate employment problems and laying the foundation for creating a happy, skilled and effective workforce. We also help employers identify and prevent weak links in the storage and protection of their data. Finally, we move beyond both these things in the vision we hold for our clients: creating a groundbreaking workplace that employees line up to work for.



Areas of Practice

Employment law services

employment lawyers

The attorneys at Maier Law Group provide top-notch employment law services for employers in the areas of litigation defense and advice and counsel work, including drafting policies and handbooks as well as conducting training on sexual harassment prevention and diversity. 

data privacy services

cybersecurity training

In the 21st century, information is one of your greatest assets. Maier Law Group helps you protect that asset by understanding your particular data security vulnerabilities and patching them. We do it all in plain language, making data privacy and security understandable and easy to implement.  

workplace investigations

BYOD policy

Maier Law Group offers something unique in the workplace investigations realm. We know who to talk to and what to ask so that you are not only protected legally, but also are given an understanding of latent issues before they become full-scale conflicts. We perform investigations in Spanish and English.  



Free Resources

Employment law guide

Some of the most common areas of employment law with which employers have concerns are hiring, classifying, and terminating employees. This guide will provide a brief primer on the three topics.

Privacy Law Guide

Employers always need to consider the privacy of their employee, client, and customer data, as well as how to ensure the information remains secure. Download the guide below for privacy and security information and best practices.

workplace Investigations guide

Many employers are uncertain about when they need to conduct a workplace investigation, how to conduct it, and what follow-up actions should be taken. Read this guide for an introduction to the process.



What Some of Our Clients Say

Diana and her team have been a great resource for our company. Diana successfully resolved litigation against us a year ago at a fraction of what such suits normally settle for. They are incredibly responsive, smart, and personable. We are lucky to have found them!
— A data storage client
The Maier Law Group has been a great ally for us in the areas of employment law and privacy. Their trainings and advice have been first-rate. They also understand the product and service our company provides, not always an easy thing to do in the world of biotechnology.
— a biotechnology client
We are so thankful to the Maier Law Group! It’s obvious that they deeply care about the well-being of our company and are passionate about their work. Whether we need a workplace investigation, policy drafting, or litigation defense, they are the only privacy and employment firm we will use.
— a healthcare client

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