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Mastering Data Security in the Life Sciences Industry2

Mastering Data Security in the Life Sciences Industry

If you’re like most of our life-science clients, you are engaged in a never-ending battle to protect your company from data breaches and cyber threats, and to stay current on the latest privacy and data security laws.

It's a lot to ask of any one person. We can help.

This training addresses:

  • How to assess and remedy your organization’s data privacy vulnerabilities
  • How to solve the unique privacy problems faced by life science companies
  • How to create an effective solution for mitigating data breaches and enforcement actions
  • How to protect yourself from privacy-related lawsuits

You will complete a Data Privacy and Security Assessment during the training, which allows you to assess your company’s data privacy and security policies, practices, and vulnerabilities. You will complete the training with a clear picture of where your company is vulnerable and what to do remedy those issues.


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