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Terminating Employees in California Training2

Terminating Employees in California Training

Employers wondering how to terminate an employee in California often miss the numerous required notices and action steps they must follow at or before the time of termination to comply with the law. In addition, how an employee is terminated often makes the difference between a clean break and protracted litigation from the person who has been terminated. Even when such litigation is without merit, handling the threat of a lawsuit is unpleasant and a huge drain on company resources.

Whether training a small group of human resources employees or a larger group of managers, we can teach your employees key facts on terminating employees in California that most employers miss. In addition, we train on best practices for managing and terminating struggling employees so that they are less likely to file a claim or lawsuit against your company.

Our training covers these topics, among others:

  • Federal and State requirements for employee termination including forms and notices
  • Final wages, payment of accrued vacation
  • Termination letters
  • Cobra & Cal-Cobra coverage
  • Severance pay and agreements
  • How to keep and document employee files for both star and struggling employees so that lay-offs and terminations are both compassionate and seamless.  
  • Other key facts on terminating employees in California

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Here’s what some of our participants have said about this training:

Great job, ladies!
Thank you for this training, it was incredibly helpful.
Great job on this training.  Wow!

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