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What to Know About Working With MLG


To Start, A Disclaimer

MLG is a defense-side, prevention-focused employment firm.  That is, we do not represent individuals in grievances against their companies.   Attorneys who do that work are generally referred to as plaintiff-side employment attorneys. Please email to request a good referral if needed. 

Who We Serve and Why

MLG was founded upon the radical idea that a workplace can be a means for effective social and personal change one happy employee at a time.  In fact, when employees are happy and feel at home in their environment they are able to take the risks that generate growth for themselves and the company as a whole.  The employees themselves can thereby lead the way to creating an entity that is vibrant, innovative, and successful beyond its wildest dreams.

True to our founding vision, MLG helps its clients create compassionate and effective workplace cultures where employees and businesses thrive.  MLG urges companies to move beyond compliance and instead focus on implementing policies and procedures that reflect its mission and core values.  MLG believes a company's “why” should be reflected in everything it does and says. In this way, an employer naturally attracts and retains employees who embody its values, effortlessly execute the company's vision, and reflect a culture the company and its employees are proud of.  When this occurs, workplaces are necessarily devoid of unnecessary conflict and lawsuits. Beyond this, such a workplace allows employees to become the driving force in the business’ success, creating something even greater than the founders could have imagined.

At MLG, we practice preventative employment law in the best sense of the phrase:  partnering with our clients to eliminate employment problems and laying the foundation for creating a happy, skilled and effective workforce. We also help employers eliminate weak links in their data security systems and policies.  Finally, we move beyond both these things in the vision we hold for our clients: creating a groundbreaking business that employees line up to work for.

What We Do

MLG focuses on only two areas of the law — employment and data privacy — and is thus able to provide greater expertise and a higher level of service than law firms without this laser focus. We offer the ideal combination of “big firm” quality at boutique firm prices. MLG specializes in preventative employment law and creating cultures where employers and employees not only peacefully coexist, but truly enjoy and appreciate one another.

Our services include workplace investigations (in Spanish and English), litigation defense in any area of employment law, advice and counsel, alternative dispute resolution assistance, and training, education, and policies relating to employment and privacy. Attorneys with MLG serve as outsourced in-house counsel for many companies that need employment or privacy law services but do not need a full-time or permanent person in that role. 

In short, we protect and strengthen your two most vital assets:  employees and information. 

On top of that, we provide top-notch legal advice, efficient billing (both subscription and hourly), and superlative client service — everything you need for peace of mind. 


What to Expect When Working with MLG

MLG is composed of extremely hard-working and caring attorneys. 

  1. You should expect to feel that MLG cares about you as a person, and the business you own or work for.  MLG's clients generally share basic values with the firm, such as treating people well, making a positive imprint on the world, and always striving to improve. 

  2. You should expect MLG to be responsive to your needs.  Generally, you will get a response within 24 hours, and often right away.  Even on nights and weekends, if something is urgent, one of the MLG team can generally be available to speak with you.   

  3. You should expect the highest quality legal advice: cogent, easy to understand, and human-centric.  Our input is tempered with a sense of your company’s culture, so that the advice we lend is not offered in a vacuum, but takes into consideration your specific goals, ways of doing things, and even risk tolerance when applicable.

  4. You should expect fair and efficient billing. If you have a question about the bill or feel as though we have made an error, please speak up. We are transparent in our billing and will engage in open dialog if you have concerns.

  5. You should expect excellent customer service all around.  When you give us input, we work to accommodate your requests and needs.  We own our mistakes and understand that even the best businesses make them.  We are humble.  If you see a way we could do things better, let us know.   We listen and learn from our mistakes.

  6. You should expect an attorney-client engagement letter that’s clear and lays out our ethical obligations.  Likewise, you should expect MLG to observe the highest ethical practices.  

What We Expect When Working with You

MLG expects the following from its clients:

  1. You speak up about what you need.  If you have a concern with how we are doing something or the advice you received, please do not hesitate to have that conversation with us.  We are partners with you, our clients, and MLG can’t do its best job without your input and willingness to be candid. 

  2. You contact us when vital things happen in the organization that would affect our advice.  Ideally you contact us as large changes are being contemplated so that we can offer input when needed, and so that we’re in the know about major changes affecting company culture.

  3. You are honest with us and tell us the bad as well as the good.  You give us a full sense of the facts and are willing to tell the truth in a court of law, a deposition, or mediation, even when it’s ostensibly harmful to do so.  MLG does not believe that either of us needs to cut ethical corners to get strong results.

  4. You pay your bills on time.  Starting in 2018, Maier Law Group has a new policy of asking clients to keep a standing retainer on the books that can be used as a deposit in cases of non-payment of bills.  Please understand that we do this for expediency and so that we can attend to the business at hand, instead of chasing down payments. 


MLG will assess late fees of 2% after invoices are eight weeks overdue (measured by the date the invoice was sent out).  MLG will increase by 2% the interest due on the bill every month that invoices are overdue.  So, for example, an invoice that’s four months overdue will need to be paid with 4% interest.  While late fees are never a pleasant practice to implement, please understand that we are a small firm and can be significantly impacted by lack of attention to outstanding invoices.  


If you have read this and believe that MLG is a good fit for your company, please tell us more about you by completing the form below[1]. Please provide as much detail as possible.


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[1] This will help us determine if we’re the right fit for you and, if we’re not, we can recommend some excellent attorneys for you to work with in our stead.  We are always happy to help you find the legal help you need.

[2] Generally, we require our clients to pay a retainer, and, in cases of ongoing matters, that retainer needs to be consistently replenished.  Please understand this is not done out of lack of trust, but because we seek to minimize time spent tracking payments for overdue bills and to focus on our work instead.  Retainer size varies depending on the scope of the engagement but is usually about the value of one month’s work for that engagement. 

[3] Please be as specific as you can, as this will allow us to know if we’re a right fit and, if not, to know to whom to refer you.  Keep in mind employment lawyers in the Bay Area generally charge in the range of $250- $1000 an hour at big firms.  MLG charges between $350-$500 an hour for its services.  We also offer subscription based billing and flat fees (in some cases).