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Hiring Your First Employee?


Hiring someone to join your company can be an exciting milestone but what exactly does that entail? Maier Law Group's Jenny Wiegley speaks to Legal Quickie host, Annette Stepanian, about a checklist of things every employer should know before bringing in a new worker.

Jenny's tips include:

  • Quick tips for every new employer (05:45).

  • How rules change when you exceed a specific number of employees (14:12).

  • Using a payroll service (17:12).

  • The difference between exempt and non-exempt employees (20:15).

  • Consequences of not following the employment law (27:20).

  • Keeping track of employee records (30:58).

  • Best practices in your hiring process (38:52).

  • Setting up an equity program (40:50).

  • Hiring employees in different states (42:15).

  • A recap and final thoughts (46:28).

  • Where to find Maier Law Group's compliance checklists (50:00)...right here!

This article has been prepared for general informational purposes only and does not constitute advertising, solicitation, or legal advice. If you have questions about a particular matter, please contact the Maier Law Group directly.

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