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Record-keeping for Workplace Training Compliance


With all of the recent changes to California’s sexual harassment prevention training requirements,  it is good practice to maintain sexual harassment training records for your employees. In light of California’s stringent training requirements, employers should always be able to prove that they are in compliance with California law. To do so, we recommend that employers keep the following data and documentation (organized by type of training) for at least two years:

Training by Webinar:

  • Date and type of training;

  • Names of trainees;

  • Trainer or training provider;

  • Hard and electronic copy of webinar;

  • Copy of all written materials used;

  • Copy of all written questions submitted during the webinar (if any); and,

  • All written responses or guidance provided by trainer during webinar.


In-Classroom Training:

  • Date, location, and type of training;

  • Names of trainers or training provider(s);

  • Sign-in sheet;

  • Copies of all written training materials handed out;

  • Copies of all recorded training materials; and,

  • Copies of any certificates of attendance or completion.



  • Date and type of training;

  • Names of trainees;

  • Trainer or training provider;

  • Copy of all recorded materials used; and,

  • Copy of all written materials used.


If you have any questions or concerns about your organization’s obligation to train its employees and supervisors, please contact an attorney at Maier Law Group.

Author: Caitie Emmett, Associate.

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