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Diana Speaks On The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast!


How do you run a values-focused law firm while juggling work-life balance and finding joy in your practice? Maier Law Group's founding partner, Diana Maier, speaks to attorney and founder of The Happy Lawyer Project, Okeoma Moronu Schreiner, about running a virtual, boutique law firm and building Joy in the Law, a community that helps lawyers be their happiest selves.

Talking points include:

  • A brief description of Maier Law Group (MLG)’s non-traditional set-up and our services (04:18).

  • How to train and identify people whose strengths are different from yours (10:47).

  • Systems that help to provide more flexibility and autonomy to attorneys in the firm (12:25).

  • Practicing and living with integrity, and the MLG Core Values (18:10).

  • Skills to learn to transition to a non-traditional law firm environment (25:45).

  • Lesson learned in creating the Joy in the Law community (30:50).

  • The Happiness Hot-Seat (33:50)…don’t miss this 5-question segment for quick tips on managing overwhelm and finding inspiration in your work.

Curious about Joy in the Law? Visit the website, then be sure to also listen to Diana’s Hustle & Flow Joy in the Law podcast with renowned legal coach, Heather Joy Hubbard.

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